Accurate Scientific Results

Have we changed the oil a day early? Have we changed the oil a day late? How do you know?

Conservatively, that decision can cost you in the neighborhood of $1,000 annually and/or unsatisfied customers from serving low-quality fried food.

Using 3M Oil Test Strips will give you an accuate verification of when to change the fryer oil.

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Using 3M Oil Test Strips

Oil Quality Verification

Frylow Ceramic Oil Extender doubles the life of cooking oil with a superior served fried product. 3M Oil Test Strips are a reliable independant verification of the quality of your cooking oil. The 3M Strips measure the FFA or free fatty acids of the vegetable oil. Included as part of a Frylow Trial, 3M Oil Test Strips will provide the answer.

For financial and quality of fried product factors, cooking oil must be changed at the appropriate time. Fryer oil quality must be determined by the taste, consistency, and color of the food served. Your restaurant and customers rely on this. The color of the oil should not be a factor in oil changes with Frylow as consistently 47% less Oil penetrates the fried food.

Since Frylow doubles fryer oil life with lower cooking times and temperatures, the use of the 3M® strips provides an accurate, independant, and scientific approach to judging fryer oil quality.

3M Oil Test Strips

Dip the Strip (use Safety 1st)

3M Oil Test Strips

Safety Comes 1st.

Wearing heat resistance protective gloves, use metal tongs to grab the white tip of the 3M Test Strip.

The oil should be tested at the specified Frylow cooking temperature. (340-345F)

Never reuse a test strip. They work for 1 use only. Throw away after use.

3M Oil Test Strip Chart

3M Oil Test Strips Chart

Dip a new strip into the cooking oil so that all four of the blue bands are fully submerged in the oil for 5 seconds and then remove.

Within 30 seconds, one or more of the bands will change color, indicating the degree of breakdown of the cooking oil.

The strips have four colored bands which progressively change from blue to yellow as the oil deteriorates.

Follow Chart Instructions matching 3M Oil Test Strip.