Fryer Oil Costs Cut in Half

  • Master Chef's Award

    Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence
    Achieved the Master Chef standard of quality & judged to be superior in its application.

  • Frylow Customers

    Walt Disney Resorts, Palace Entertainment &
    MGM Resorts International are Frylow Customers.

  • Frylow Oil Extending Device

    Doubled Fryer Oil Life
    Patented technology slows oxidization doubling the life of the deep-fryer oil.

  • French Fries

    Lighter, Crispier, Tastier Deep-Fried Food.
    Consistent fried product with decreased oil absorption.

  • Frylow Fried Food Comparison

    Side-By-Side Comparison with Food cooked in the same oil.
    With Frylow the results are obvious.

Introducing Frylow

Frylow is a premium fryer oil extending device that rests in the deep-fryer. Frylow has the distinction of providing top quality results to any deep-fried food items.

A light, crispy, juicier product with a "Clean Profile" while the cooking oil life is doubled at minimum.

Frylow provides your restaurant a significant cost advantage while producing better tasting fried food, basket after basket. (less calories too)

Less Oily Fried Food

Patented Fryer Device

Frylow is a ceramic device for use in commercial deep-fryers. Patented in 2002, Frylow technology allows less oil to penetrate the fried food. Heat transfer is increased. Temperatures are lowered. Oil absorption is reduced.

A perfect solution to half your kitchens cooking oil purchases. Highly cost effective, low maintenance, with increased quality of product.

Installs in 5 minutes.

Master Chefs' Certified

Fewer Oil Changes

If your kitchen staff changes the fryer oil 1 time or more weekly the savings are substantial. Kitchen staff value Frylow as unwanted hot oil changes are cut in half.

Payback Under 1 Year

5 Year Warranty

An innovative, superior quality, fryer oil extending device with shorter cooking times, lower temperatures, less oil absorption & a 10 Year life-span ...

Only Frylow

Do You Filter?

Frylow doubles fryer oil life in conjunction with or without any filtering product or service on the market including Magnasol, Vito, Filtercorp, Miroil, or RTI.

Not a Filter or Additive